Yu Shan Chinese Restaurant Yu Shan Chinese Restaurant, located in Seattle Washington, could easily be mistaken for a high dollar Chinese restaurant by not only our appearance but for the quality of our food as well. We bring tradition and pride to your door that can be tasted in every bite. Traditional Chinese cuisine like the Squirrel Fish, a full tilapia with its delicate flesh scored to capture more of the sweet, dark, vinegar-infused sauce ladled over it and crisply fried or the Vegetable delight or the Almond Chicken can all be delivered to your door from Yu Shan Chinese Restaurant and at a price worth celebrating! We also offer appetizers, Dim Sum dishes, soups, casserole pots like the braised meatball casserole or the Sea Bass with tofu casserole and much more. You are bound to find our House Specials that will soon become one of your top ten favorites along with poultry, pork, beef, lamb, and seafood dishes. Vegetarians are not forgotten nor are the traditional Chinese family style cuisine meals. Order Online Payment Options